I’m not typically one to jump on board with health fads. I’ve avoided the world of detoxes, odd diets, and the latest and greatest fitness trends…but then I discovered Pure Barre.

Pure Barre is a workout class that mixes ballet with Pilates and yoga, creating an intense, full body workout. It’s a new way to work your body – and I love it.

Don’t get me wrong…it’s hard. Throughout the 55 minutes, your entire body will be shaking. Not because you’re lifting weights that weigh as much as you do (it’s not Cross Fit, don’t worry), but because you’re holding two pounds for what feels like an eternity. If you think 10 seconds is short, you certainly haven’t been to a barre class yet.

One of the criticisms it receives is for being “cultish” – and I understand. You’ll look around and think that LuluLemon has officially taken over the world. For a full breakdown of an outsider’s perspective of the class, check out this guy’s blog entry after going to a class with his fiancé.

But I’ve learned to appreciate and love the community that it fosters. Everyone is there with the same objective – to improve themselves. No one is looking around and judging others for their performance, which is something that I constantly feel at the gym and during other classes.

I look forward to the hour to myself – even though 20 other women surround me. The music is empowering, the instructors are motivating, and I’m constantly surprised at what my body can do.

I hope that Pure Barre isn’t just some fad – it’s become a part of my life. I’ve seen the changes that have come to by body and to my mental health, and I can’t wait to sign my name when I reach the 100 Club.